What’s New for PALS?

We’re excited to announce the following recently-added features in the PALS Online System:

  • The Division Home Page has been slightly reorganized to make things easier to find and navigate.
  • Need to change the Student Information Number for a student who has the wrong number?  District representatives can now edit this manually on the Manage Students page.  See instructions here.
  • New Report!  The Student Summary of Comments & Observations report shows any comments entered by any teacher for any task during fall, mid-year, and spring for each student.  
  • COMING SOON:  Any PALS Plus task already administered, even if it was an optional task, appears in the “Diagnostic Tasks” section of the Task List after scores were entered to make it clear what tasks have been given.
  • We heard your suggestions, and printing your Class Summary report now results in an easier-to-read version.
  • The prompt for administering the eWRI version of the Word Recognition in Isolation task now shows after you click “Continue.”
  • COMING SOON:  Virginia customers who need to upload historical data for their students in grades 4-8 can submit files downloaded from the UVA PALS Online System to be added to records that exist in our online system.  Email us at support@palshelp.com for more information.
  • Parent Activities to support literacy development at home were added in the spring to the Instructional Resources page.

What’s not changing?

  • Our pricing remains the same for 2018-19!
  • Quick Scoring (formerly Traditional Score Entry) is still available and ready for use by teachers who do not need item-level reports.