What’s New for PALS?

We’ve added these features to the PALS Online System:

Nonstandard option added for administration in quarantine situations

For students who do not have a disability, but for whom nonstandard administration becomes necessary due to a quarantine environment, change “None” under “Disability / Quarantine Status” to “None – Quarantine Administration.”  This will subsequently allow the selection of “Nonstandard Administration” to be selected.

It will also alert administrators viewing the data files that PALS tasks may have been administered in a nonstandard way, such as virtually and/or with only certain tasks selected to administer.

Note that when this option is used, PALS scores can help teachers evaluate progress and plan instruction that targets necessary literacy skill areas, rather than screen for “at-risk for reading difficulty” status, which requires adherence to standard administration protocols.

New column in data files for administrators

An update has been made to the downloadable .csv data files for PALS Plus (grades 1-8), which are available to administrators on both the district and school levels. 

  • You will now see a column that lists the name of a student’s Instructional Oral Reading Level, in addition to the column that contains the code for that level. 
  • The new column is labeled INSRLNM, or Instructional Level Name.

This new column will enable you to more easily identify the instructional levels of your students.  Teachers and reading specialists often use this data to determine what reading materials are most accessible to students when given instructional support.

PALS Progress Per Task report is now available to school administrators!

This report is now available not only for all grades at the school level!  

From your School Home Page, click on the School Reports –> Assessment Results – Current Window –> PALS School Progress Per Task report.

This report provides a description of each task as well as the following data points where relevant, for each task, across all three PALS assessment windows– Fall, Mid-Year, and Spring: