Welcome back for the 2016-17 school year!  

If your administrator has assigned a class to you for this year, then you can log into the PALS Online System at palsk8.com and view your class list.

Login instructions can be found here:

PALS Online System Login Instructions

  • If you’re a returning user and don’t remember your password, please use the password reset link on the login page.  
  • If your name or email address has changed, please have an administrator update it in the system using the “Manage Accounts” link.

Once you log in, you can find links to the PALS Administration and Scoring online tutorials on your Materials tab.

Also on the Materials tab:  print-friendly versions of PALS Consumable Sets, for those of you who like to use PALS paper scoresheets instead of entering your scores directly into the online system while you assess.

If you are a Premier or Enhanced PD school or district, you can register for the PALS Professional Development Library by visiting PD.CaseNEX.com and clicking on “Create An Account”. Use the same email and password credentials for your PALS Online account. You will be asked to enter a registration code, which has been emailed to your school/district administrator.  Once you have registered, sign in to access the tutorials.  

Other Exciting News:

  • As of spring 2016, the 1-3 Spelling lists is available as an additional optional task for 4th-8th grade students who may still be in the Letter Name stage of spelling, and who need an additional task to determine spelling instructional needs.
  • The newest PALS-K and PALS Plus (first grade) benchmarks for BOTH Form A and Form B will be reflected in the PALS Online System beginning in Fall 2016.

We look forward to working with you this year!