South Carolina

We currently work with South Carolina’s schools to provide PALS assessments to South Carolina Pre-K systems.

Visit South Carolina’s General Information site and the links below to find important information regarding elementary assessments.

In South Carolina, the Uppercase Alphabet Recognition, Lowercase Alphabet Recognition, and Letter Sounds tasks must all be administered. In other words, please complete all three tasks in the Alphabet Knowledge section in their entirety. South Carolina Department of Education expects all PALS users to complete all parts of the PALS assessment in fall (1st 45 days of school) and spring (last 45 days of school).

English Policy

  • In SECTION 1-1-696 of the South Carolina Code of Laws, English is designated as the official language of the State of South Carolina. We are unable to administer PALS in any other language except English.
  • For ESOL/EL students using PALS, the administration directions in the TAM may be reworded or translated to enable the student to understand the task(s). Directions may be repeated in English or using the native language. No other parts of the test (no test items) may be reworded or translated. The rewording and/or translation of directions cannot go beyond the scope and meaning of the written directions.
South Carolina and PALS General Information
PreK AND K Readiness Assessments
PreK Only Readiness Assessments – 2019-2020 Security Agreements are posted here.

Ready to renew for 2019-20?  Ask your District Assessment Coordinator to look for an email from South Carolina DOE containing the link to submit your renewal order!