Renewing PALS?

We’re so glad you’re using PALS to continue to support literacy intervention and instructional planning!  Your 2019-20 user agreement will end on June 30, 2020.

Great news:  Your pricing options will remain the same for 2020-21!

Need a renewal quote for 2020-21?  Simply fill out our PALS Renewal Quote Request Form.

Wisconsin CESA, West Virginia, and South Carolina districts:  Select your location from the drop-down menu above under “State-Specific Information” to find your specific renewal instructions.  State/CESA order links for the 2020-21 year will open on or soon after March 1.

  • If you need assistance in finding out how many students your school or district assessed during the previous year, follow these instructions or contact us at
  • We’ll email a Client Order (quote) to the person you list as this year’s “Order Contact,” along with a blank Implementation form to confirm your online system information for this school year.
  • NOTE:  We can hold shipment of assessment materials until a later date, if needed, to ensure that someone will be on location to receive them.  Simply let us know your preferences/needs in your order notes, or include this request when you return your Client Order to

Ready to place your order?

You’ve filled in the Renewal Request form above and received your Client Order, and everything looks correct.

To complete your order, reference the instructions in the email you received with the Client Order, and include the following in your reply to

(1) Your signed contract (Client Order, or purchase order that references the correct Client Order number).
  • If you requested a Client Order with a signature line to serve as your contract, simply sign the document and attach it to your email.
  • If you are using a signed purchase order as your contract, check the following before returning it to us:
    • The purchase order references the Client Order Number from the Client Order document you received from us, and no additional terms are included on the purchase order document.
    • The billing and shipping information on your purchase order match the ones on the Client Order document.
    • The business name on the purchase order is made out to:
      • Illuminate Education, LLC
      • 6531 Irvine Center Drive #100
      • Irvine, CA 92618
  • Any purchase order must include the purchasing organization’s letterhead, the correct shipping address, billing address, total amount of purchase indicated on the Client Order, and signature of purchaser, in addition to the Client Order Number.  (If you are ordering for a small private school that does not usually use purchase orders, you can create one applying this criteria, or just request a version of the Client Order that you can sign and return as your contract.)
(2) Make sure you have filled out the PALS Implementation Form when you send your order.
  • A link to this form will be included in the email we send to you with your Client Order.
  • Completing this information ensures that we can get you set up with PALS quickly and efficiently as soon as your order is processed.
(3) Attach an updated tax exemption form for your school/district, if the one we have on file for you has expired.

If you have questions along the way, please don’t hesitate to contact us at  We’re happy to help!

Expecting to pay via credit card?  You will still need a purchase order document as described above for us to process your order.  After your order is processed, you’ll receive an invoice that includes your payment options.

  • You can write “paying with credit card” on your purchase order document, and include a phone number and times you’re most available to take a call, for a speedier payment process.

Note that PALS Marketplace became a division of IO Education LLC in 2015 (previously it was a division of Casenex, LLC), and that IO Education LLC recently merged under the name Illuminate Education, LLC in July 2018.  If your purchasing department needs to update vendor information, please refer to the Illuminate Education W9 form.