PALS Quick Checks

Click here for basic instructions for using Quick Checks

What are Quick Checks?

Quick Checks are brief measures used to monitor student progress in between the three main screening/assessment windows (fall, mid-year, spring) and to determine the effectiveness of instruction and intervention.

Quick Checks are accessible via your PALS Online System account, where Quick Check progress charts and summary reports are generated as scores are entered. A Quick Check Guidance document is also available there to provide specific information about using Quick Checks.

Where do I find Quick Checks?

All Quick Check materials can be downloaded from your RtI Quick Checks button:

Quick Check reports can be found on the Teacher Reports page:


What skills can I monitor using Quick Checks?

Quick Checks are provided for each of these literacy skill areas:

  1. Alphabet Recognition
  2. Letter Sounds
  3. Beginning Sound production
  4. Concept of Word
  5. K Spelling
  6. 1-3 Spelling
  7. Pseudoword Decoding
  8. Word Recognition in Isolation
  9. Oral Reading in Context

How do I evaluate whether a skill has been mastered?

How do you  know when to move on to the next skill in the student’s literacy intervention instruction?  As the goal of literacy intervention is to ensure that foundational literacy skills are truly solid before moving on, each Quick Check provides guidelines for evaluating when a student has mastered a skill.

 Click here to view a summary of Quick Checks mastery guidelines.