PALS Product Retirement

On June 30, 2023, the PALS assessments and PALS Online System will retire. As of fall 2022, PALS and PALS español are no longer being sold to new clients; however, our PALS team will continue to fully support existing clients through the end of the 2022-23 school year.

We have appreciated the opportunity to partner with schools and districts across the country over the years to identify and support children who may be at risk of reading difficulty. We have also enjoyed learning alongside teachers and administrators who have attended our professional development events.

Our PALS Online System will shut down permanently on June 30, 2023; no access to data is possible after this date. Throughout this spring 2023, the PALS team will be providing additional reminders and support regarding what to expect and how to safely access and download all of your historical PALS data. Data files will no longer be available after June 30.

Administrators in schools and districts where PALS is currently in use are invited to join us for a free webinar on March 21 or May 16 to review steps for how to download your historical data before the online system closes at the end of June. An invitation to this webinar will be sent to administrators the week before each webinar is scheduled.

We invite you to explore other early literacy assessments provided by Renaissance if you are interested in replacing PALS or in finding a comprehensive assessment solution.

We thank you for your partnership and for your continued dedication to children’s literacy development.  As always, you can reach us at with any additional questions you may have.


*The University of Virginia may continue to provide PALS only to Virginia public schools in certain grades for a short time, as it has in the past, via a separate platform and office not connected with Renaissance. UVA does not provide PALS assessments to, nor provide PALS-related support for, schools outside of those covered by Virginia EIRI grant funds.