The PALS Online System

The PALS Online System (login page here) enables teachers to enter scores and observations online during assessment.  The system can simultaneously record and calculate the scores, prompt the next recommended tasks, provide reports immediately, and, upon assessment completion, provide results about screening, reading level, and developmental spelling stage.

Teachers and administrators also have access through their PALS Online accounts to basic tutorials for how to administer PALS, instructional resources, and additional assessment tools for monitoring progress in literacy skills.

Accessing your PALS Online Account

  • Find trouble-shooting tips regarding issues with logging in.

Initial Set up & Managing Accounts

  • Set up administrators and teachers for the year, and find recommendations for who should have a PALS Online account.

Managing Student Records

  • View options for creating, updating, and/or moving student records, with links to instructions for each.  Find instructions for how to update disability status, correct the student ID number, or delete current window scores for a student.

Score Entry

  • Learn the basics of score entry, how to set or change  the assessment date, score entry types and options, what the icons mean, progress monitoring with Quick Checks, and our late score entry policy.

PALS Online System Resources & Reports

  • Many teachers and administrators are unaware of all that is available within their accounts.  Read here a summary of what’s available, or just log in and explore!