PALS Mid-Year as a flexible tool

PALS Mid-Year is a more flexible tool than the fall and spring assessments, in that not all tasks have to be administered.  All features of the online system are functional during the mid-year window, but the system will not prompt required tasks during assessment, because technically no tasks are “required.”

However, if you are administering PALS Plus at mid-year and would like to see an IORL (instructional oral reading level) diagnosis and/or use the Grouping Function using mid-year data, you should include all of the tasks that were required in the sequence used for fall, including spelling feature scores, so that the system has enough data to do this.

    • Remember that to diagnose a student’s IORL, the system looks for a score for the reading passage that is equivalent to the highest word list on which the student can automatically recognize at least 15 words.
    • The PALS Online System will not require any tasks at mid-year.  All tasks will be considered optional by the online system, so an icon will appear next to a student’s name as soon as any task score is entered to indicate that the student has been assessed.  Please check reports to make sure that you have administered all chosen tasks.