PALS Assessment Materials Included in Purchase

What assessment materials are included when our school or district purchases PALS?

The purchase of PALS student licenses for a particular PALS assessment includes everything you need to assess that number of students, including PALS Teacher Sets (reusable assessment materials) and PALS Consumable Sets (paper answer sheets for the assessments that require them).

  • We cover your shipping costs!  PALS orders include everything you need to assess your students at no additional shipping cost.
  • New (and returning Premier) customers are entitled to request a higher number of Teacher Sets (up to 1 per 10 student licenses), to provide the option for reading specialists, ELL teachers, special education coordinators, etc. to have their own assessment materials.  Additional materials are not sold as a separate purchase.
  • Consumable sets shipped to you will include only those consumables required for assessment.  Class Summary Sheets and Student Summary Sheets will no longer be included in shipments, but may still be printed from your PALS Online account if you have teachers who still prefer to use these.
  • Returning customers are eligible to replace up to 15% of lost or damaged Teacher Sets, or 100% of materials older than four years with current year pricing.  This percentage is based on the number of student licenses purchased for the current year, plus additional sets for new classrooms/licenses being added since last year’s purchase.
  • Learn more about PALS materials, forms, and updates here.

PALS Teacher Sets:  These are the reusable binders of assessment materials that each teacher needs in order to administer the fall/spring assessment.*  We recommend requesting one for every teacher who will be giving the assessment, for up to the number for which your purchase is eligible.  New customers are eligible for approximately one Teacher Set per every 10 student licenses.

PALS Consumable Sets:  These include the following required for each assessment, including one per student for both fall and spring:

  • PALS-PreK:  Name Writing Sheet
  • PALS-K and PALS español K:  Student Booklet, K Spelling Sheet
  • PALS Plus (grades 1-8) and PALS español 1-3:  Spelling Sheet

*PALS Fall/Spring assessment includes two equivalent forms, Form A and Form B, which are both included in the Teacher Set binder.  Most schools alternate using Form A one school year, and Form B the next.  The third form, Form C, is the mid-year assessment, which can be downloaded from your PALS Online account.