New to PALS?

Click here for an overview of PALS use, implementation, and background.

Returning school districts:  Visit this page if you’re ready to get started with your renewal.

Basic steps to get a price quote or begin your order for PALS:

1.  Establish the grade levels and numbers of students you will assess next school year (i.e., the number of student licenses you need for each assessment):
  • PALS-PreK: Any children not yet in kindergarten who may be able to demonstrate literacy knowledge/skills (usually ages 3-4, or 5 year olds not yet in kindergarten)
  • PALS-K:  Kindergarten students
  • PALS Plus:  Students in grades 1-8, regardless of instructional level (PALS is a formative, adaptive assessment)
  • PALS español K:  Kindergarten students whose native language is Spanish, who will receive instruction in both English and Spanish, or who are transitioning from Spanish to English instruction.
  • PALS español 1-3:  Students in grades 1-3 whose native language is Spanish, who will receive instruction in both English and Spanish, or who are transitioning from Spanish to English instruction.
2.  Submit your order request details in our PALS Quote Request Form, so we can create your quote document (Client Order).
  • We will email a quote document that has a specific Client Order Number at the top of the page, along with a blank Implementation form and instructions for ordering, to the email address you provide for “Order Contact.” 

Ready to place your order?

You’ve contacted our office and received your Client Order, and everything looks correct.

To complete your order, reference the instructions in the email you received at the same time as your Client Order, which will direct you to:

(1) Complete the signed contract:
  • If you requested a Client Order to arrive via DocuSign, simply sign the document electronically.
  • If you are using a signed purchase order as your contract, check the following before returning it to us at
    • The purchase order references the Client Order Number from the Client Order document you received from us, and no additional terms are included on the purchase order document.
    • The billing and shipping information on your purchase order match the ones on the Client Order document.
    • The business name on the purchase order is made out to:
      • Illuminate Education, LLC
      • 6531 Irvine Center Drive #100
      • Irvine, CA 92618
    • Any purchase order must include the purchasing organization’s letterhead, the correct shipping address, billing address, total amount of purchase indicated on the Client Order, and signature of purchaser, in addition to the Client Order Number.  (If you are ordering for a small private school that does not usually use purchase orders, you can create one applying this criteria, or just request a version of the Client Order that you can sign and return as your contract.)
  • NOTE:  We can hold shipment of assessment materials until a later date, if needed, to ensure that someone will be on location to receive them.  Simply let us know your preferences/needs in your order notes, or by emailing us at when you place your order.
(2) Make sure you have filled out the PALS Implementation Form when you send your order.
  • A link to this form will be included in the email we send to you at the same time as your Client Order.
  • Completing this information ensures that we can get you set up with PALS quickly and efficiently as soon as your order is processed.
(3) A current tax exemption form.

Expecting to pay via credit card?  After your contract is signed and your order is processed, you’ll receive an invoice that includes your payment options, including the option to pay by credit card.

If you have questions along the way, please don’t hesitate to contact us at  We’re happy to help!