Materials and Updates

Each teacher will need a “Teacher Set” binder in order to assess students.  These are reusable from year to year.

Required consumable student response sheets are also outlined below.

See the PALS Materials Included in Purchase page to understand what’s included when your school or district purchases PALS student licenses.

Assessment Forms

PALS-K, PALS español (K and 1-3), and PALS Plus (grades 1-8) each provide alternative forms.

Form A and Form B are equivalent forms that assess the same skills, but use different test items.  For example, they both assess spelling, but use different words for the task.  The same form for the assessment should be used in both the fall and the spring. Many districts alternate between Form A and Form B from one school year to the next.  Forms A and B are both included in each Teacher Set binder that is shipped to you.

  • Most of our customers who alternate from Form A to Form B each year in grades K-8 are using Form B for 2022-23.  However, please confirm with your local PALS district representative the correct form to use for your school or district.

Form C is the PALS Mid-Year assessment (English version only) for grades K-8 every year; it does not alternate.  Schools using PALS español may use the alternate form (ex: Form B if you used Form A in the fall) as the mid-year assessment.  The Form C Mid-Year assessment can be downloaded from the Materials pages for PALS-K and PALS Plus in your PALS Online account.

When you set your assessment date in the PALS Online System, you will be prompted to also select the assessment form.  Be sure to select the form that matches the Teacher Set you are using. Once scores have been entered, the form cannot be changed unless the scores entered for this window are deleted.

PALS-PreK has only one form for Fall, Mid-Year, and Spring.

PALS Consumables

PALS Consumable Sets that are shipped to you when you place an order contain consumables required to administer PALS, including the following:

PALS-PreK: Name Writing sheet for Fall and Spring

PALS-K: Student Booklets, Spelling Sheet

PALS Plus: Spelling Sheet

Print-friendly versions of all other PALS Consumables may be downloaded from any PALS Online account. This includes the Student Score Sheets and Class Summary Sheets. Remember, however, that you can skip the paper and enter scores directly into the PALS Online System while you assess. The online system will then calculate the scores and create reports for you!

Remember to use the consumables for the PALS form (or version) that you are administering this year (Form A or Form B).

Updates to Materials

There have been no changes to benchmarks or to assessment items for the current year.  If you have purchased PALS within the past two years, your Teacher Sets are still current.

For customers using older assessment materials, a crosswalk document and downloadable replacement pages can be found in the Materials section of your PALS Online account.