Managing Student Records

Class lists and teacher assignments are completely managed at the administrator level. Teachers cannot access records not already assigned to them by an administrator.

What are my options for creating, updating, and/or moving student records?

Option #1:  Submit a Student Data Upload to do it in one fell swoop, within a 48 business hour period.

Division administrators have access to the Student Data Upload function. Use our template to create and submit a file (or files) with the correct student demographic information to create, update, or move student records.  (See Tips for using Excel: How to Format the Date-of-Birth Column for your SDU File)

You can include all students in your school/district, or just new students, in the file you submit to upload.  If you choose to include each student’s teacher information, this will automatically:

  • Assign (or move)  the student to the correct class,
  • Create a new class list for the teacher if it didn’t already exist, and/or
  • Create a new account for the teacher if it didn’t already exist, and send an email to the teacher to prompt the teacher to create a password for the account.  (Make sure emails are accurate!)

Including students in the file who already exist in the system (with the same student ID number) will automatically:

  • Assign (or move) the student to the correct class if the teacher information is included, and
  • Update/overwrite demographic information with the data in the file, while retaining the score history.

Option #2:  Add or transfer student records one at a time.

Administrators can create a new student record, or transfer an existing one.  Submit the student information (including name, student identification number, and birthdate) for the system to search for an existing record.  If the record doesn’t exist yet, you will be provided a link to add a new student record in the school and classroom selected.  If a match is found (within the parameters of your permitted access to data), you will be asked if you want to transfer the record.

Option #3:  Use the Manage Students page in the PALS Online System to move existing student records:

Students who were at your school last year still exist in the PALS Online System in the “school pool” when the new school year begins. The PALS Online System now allows you to easily move students between the school pool and existing classes. Please note that once a grade level has been assigned for the year, you will need to use “Add or Transfer Students” to make changes.

Keeping Student Records Accurate

Use this handy chart, How to Change a Student Record in the PALS Online System, or refer to one of the sections below to keep your student records accurate.

Validating Student Record Information

The information for each student record that has been newly transferred into a class must be validated before scores are entered.  Teachers are prompted to do this by the system, but you can also find instructions here.

Updating Disability Status
  • Special education coordinators should alert teachers and reading specialists to any IEP updates that might require changes to students’ accommodations and/or disability status in the PALS Online System.  PLEASE CHECK DISABILITY STATUS BEFORE ENTERING SCORES!  See instructions for Updating Student Disability Status.
Correcting Student ID Number
Deleting Regular PALS Scores and Quick Check Scores