Literacy Screening and Growth

All assessments can tell you where your students are. But can they tell you what to teach next?

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Backed by 20+ Years of Research

Developed by University of Virginia, PALS provides the most thorough, actionable and proven literacy assessments for students at all levels.
  • The only literacy assessment that measures concept of word in text – a key, early predictive indicator of literacy development.
  • Measure and monitor children’s knowledge of grade-level literacy fundamentals from Pre-K through 8.
  • Inform teachers’ instruction by providing explicit information about their students’ knowledge of literacy fundamentals.
  • Mid-year forms and PALS Quick Checks allow for ongoing student progress monitoring throughout the year.
  • PALS español provides unique, native language tool for Spanish speaking students in grades PreK-3.
  • Online system provides resources for planning instruction according to developmental literacy stages, in addition to online score entry and reporting.

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