Keeping student records accurate

  • Administrators:  Remember to add any new students to class lists in the PALS Online System at the beginning of each assessment window using the Add/Transfer Student function or the Student Data Upload function.  You may decide to submit a file with all of your students, including the new students, to be sure that all demographic information is up to date.  If you choose to do this, be sure that the information in your SDU file is accurate and current, including class/teacher assignments.
  • Special education coordinators should alert teachers and reading specialists to any IEP updates that might require changes to students’ accommodations and/or disability status in the PALS Online System.  Click here for instructions.
  • Once students are added to the teacher’s class list, teachers can update disability status and/or services by clicking “Student Information” and making needed adjustments. Any other updates to student information must be made by an administrator.
  • PLEASE CHECK DISABILITY STATUS BEFORE ENTERING SCORES! Once scores are entered, disability status cannot be changed without having a district level administrator of PALS erase the scores for the current assessment window. Once scores are erased, teachers can update disability status and then re-enter scores.