Managing PALS Online Accounts

Initial Setup in the PALS Online System

At the opening of the PALS school year in July, only users who have been assigned access for the current school year are able to log in to the PALS Online System.  This includes the primary contact, technical contact, and any school principals listed on the renewal order form.  These administrators may then assign access for others for this school year.

Using the same email and password as last year will work as soon as you are granted access by our office or an administrator in your district.

  • District representatives are able to create accounts for other division administrators, school administrators, and teachers.
  • Other division administrators and principals can create accounts for school administrators and teachers.
  • School administrators can create accounts for teachers.  (Note:  If teacher names and emails are included in a Student Data Upload file, the accounts and class lists will be created automatically for the teachers for the current year.)

Click here to learn how to create PALS Online accounts for others and assign an administrator role or class(es).

Click here to learn how to assign or remove division level accounts.


Who should have an account?

Teachers should have a class assigned for each grade they teach, so they can have access to view tutorials, enter scores, and make use of the reports, class grouping function, and instructional resources to plan instruction.

Principals, school literacy coaches and reading specialists, special education coordinators, and ELL teachers should have a school-level role (account) for each school they serve, so they can view student data for just those schools, analyze reports to determine trends and needs, make use of the instructional resources and cross-classroom grouping functions, and support teachers who are using PALS.

Division administrators such as assessment coordinators, language arts coordinators, and division literacy coaches/interventionists should have division-level roles (accounts) so they can access student data and view reports for the entire district.  It is helpful to also have access for a technical contact who can manage the student data upload process and/or provide technical support for teachers.

What if a staff member leaves?

You can remove an administrator role or class using the same steps used to add it, only clicking “Remove role” or “Remove class” instead of adding one.  Note that a class must be empty to remove it; see the Manage Student Records page or Assigning Current Class to a Different (New) Teacher for how to remove or reassign students.

Once an account has no class or administrator role assigned, the person will no longer be able to access your district’s account.  To completely remove the account from your district’s pool of available accounts, see Deactivating or Reactivating Accounts in the PALS Online System.

To remove a principal from a school, you must first replace the existing principal with another person before deactivating the account.  Find instructions here for How to Replace a School Principal.