Ordering or Renewing PALS

Basic Steps:

1.  Establish the number of students you will assess next school year (i.e., the number of student licenses you need) using each assessment:
  • PALS-PreK: Any children not yet in kindergarten who may be able to demonstrate literacy knowledge/skills (usually ages 3-4, or 5 year olds not yet in kindergarten)
  • PALS-K:  Kindergarten students
  • PALS Plus:  Students in grades 1-8, regardless of instructional level (PALS is a formative, adaptive assessment)
  • PALS español PreK: Any children who fit the criteria above, whose native language is Spanish.  Contact us for pilot information!
  • PALS español K:  Kindergarten students whose native language is Spanish, who will receive instruction in both English and Spanish, or who are transitioning from Spanish to English instruction.
  • PALS español 1-3:  Students in grades 1-3 whose native language is Spanish, who will receive instruction in both English and Spanish, or who are transitioning from Spanish to English instruction.
2.  Download and complete the PALS 2019-20 Quote Request form, and return it to our team at support@palshelp.com.
  • We will provide a quote document that has a specific Client Order Number at the top of the page, along with instructions for ordering. 
  • Returning customers:  See us about your pricing options for this year, and/or see below for specific instructions.
  • Wisconsin CESA, West Virginia, and South Carolina districts:  Select your location from the drop-down menu above under “State-Specific Information” to find your specific renewal instructions.
3.  Once you receive a complete and accurate quote package from our team, return it to support@palshelp.com with your purchase order and completed PALS Implementation Form (included with the package).
  • Please include the Client Order Number on your purchase order, and make sure it’s made out to:
        • Illuminate Education, LLC
        • 6531 Irvine Center Drive #100
        • Irvine, CA 92618
  • A purchase order must include the purchasing organization’s letterhead, the correct shipping address, billing address, total amount of purchase indicated on the Client Order, and signature of purchaser, in addition to the Client Order Number.  (If you are ordering for a small private school that does not usually use purchase orders, you can create one applying this criteria.)
  • New customers should include a current tax exemption form with their order.
  • Paying with a credit card?  You’ll still need a purchase order document as described above for us to process your order.
    • You can write “paying with credit card” on your purchase order document, and include a phone number and times you’re most available to take a call, for a speedier payment process.
    • After your order is processed, you’ll receive an invoice that includes your payment options.

Returning customer?

We’re so glad you’re continuing to use PALS!  Your 2018-19 user agreement ended on June 30, 2019.

Ready to renew for 2019-20?  Returning customers have options regarding our new 2019-20 pricing.  Ask your District Assessment Coordinator to look for the email reminder sent from our office that outlines your options and contains the link to submit your renewal order, or contact us at support@palshelp.com.

(If you need assistance in finding out how many students your school or district assessed this year, follow these instructions or contact us at support@palshelp.com.)

Note that PALS Marketplace became a division of IO Education LLC in 2015 (previously it was a division of Casenex, LLC), and that IO Education LLC recently merged under the name Illuminate Education, LLC in July 2018.  If your purchasing department needs to update vendor information, please refer to the Illuminate Education W9 form.


Feel free to request an appointment to chat by phone with one of our literacy specialists if you have questions about any of the PALS assessments, the implementation process, and or what kind of data, professional development, and resources are available using PALS.

What about materials?

The purchase of PALS student licenses includes everything you need to assess those students, including PALS Teacher Sets (reusable assessment materials) and PALS Consumable Sets (paper answer sheets for the assessments that require them).

CHANGES FOR 2019-20:  

  • We’re covering your shipping costs!  If you are paying 2019-20 pricing, you will receive everything you need to assess your students at no additional shipping cost!
  • Premier customers are now entitled to request a higher number of Teacher Sets (up to 1 per 10 student licenses), to provide the option for reading specialists, ELL teachers, special education coordinators, etc. to have their own assessment materials.  Additional materials are no longer sold as a separate purchase.
  • Consumable sets shipped to you will include only those consumables required for assessment.  Class Summary Sheets and Student Summary Sheets will no longer be included, but may still be printed from your PALS Online account if desired.
  • Returning customers paying current pricing are eligible to replace up to 15% of lost or damaged Teacher Sets, or 100% of materials older than four years with 2019-20 pricing.  This percentage is based on the number of student licenses purchased for the upcoming year, plus additional sets for new classrooms/licenses being added to last year’s purchase.

PALS Teacher Sets:  These are the reusable binders of assessment materials that each teacher needs in order to administer the fall/spring assessment.*  We recommend requesting one for every teacher who will be giving the assessment, for up to the number for which your purchase is eligible.

  • New Base customers are eligible for approximately one Teacher Set per every 20 student licenses.  New Premier customers are eligible for approximately one Teacher Set per every 10 student licenses.

PALS Consumable Sets:  These include the following required for each assessment, including one per student for both fall and spring:

  • PALS-PreK:  Name Writing Sheet
  • PALS-K and PALS español K:  Student Booklet, K Spelling Sheet
  • PALS Plus and PALS español 1-3:  Spelling Sheet

*PALS fall/spring assessments offer two equivalent forms, Form A and Form B, which are both included in the Teacher Set binder.  Most schools alternate using Form A one school year, and Form B the next.  The third form, Form C, is the mid-year assessment, which can be downloaded from your PALS Online account.

What about training?

  • All teachers and administrators who use PALS have access to basic administration tutorials through their PALS Online accounts.
  • Premier customers also have access to our PALS Professional Development website and monthly webinars on topics related to PALS and literacy development/instruction.
  • To learn about options for on-site training and webinars that are tailored to the specific needs of your school or district, please contact Nancy Walsh-Boeder at support@palshelp.com.