Downloading PALS Mid-Year Materials

PALS Mid-Year materials can be downloaded and printed for your district from the Materials page.  Administrators and teachers alike can see and access the Materials page when they log into their PALS Online accounts.

Mid-Year has always been called “Form C,” to indicate that it is a third form that is equivalent to Form A and Form B, and is the same every year. Your teachers will not have to choose a form in the system for this; during the mid-year score entry window, the online system is automatically set to Form C for everyone.  (The exception to this is PALS español, which does not yet offer a Form C.  Schools may choose to administer the A or B form alternate to the one administered in fall and spring.)

Note to administrators:  If your district will be administering the PALS Mid-Year assessment, be sure to communicate any information regarding assessment dates and how materials will be copied and distributed. Many districts download, copy and distribute the Mid-Year materials for their teachers in order to preserve planning and instructional time.

Follow these steps to download and print the PALS Mid-Year materials:

  1. Log into your PALS Online account.
  2. Click on Materials.
  3. Click on the PALS assessment for which you need mid-year materials.
  4. Scroll down until you see the PALS mid-year materials section.
  5. Click on and download and/or print each of the items you will need for the PALS Mid-Year administration in your school or district.