PALS District Representative Support

The Division Representative is the main contact person for coordinating and implementing PALS within your organization (often the district’s assessment coordinator).

You will act as a primary contact between the district and the PALS office, disseminate materials and updates, have (or grant) access to upload teachers and students into the PALS Online System, and answer questions about district policies regarding PALS.

Quick Start Guide for PALS District Representatives

Step 1: Log​ ​in​ ​to​ ​your​ ​PALS​ ​Online​ ​account.

Step 2: Assign division and school roles to other PALS users.

  • Only the Division Representative is able to assign or remove a division role for someone in the district; other division-level accounts do not have that capability.
  • We recommend that you assign a division role (division-level account) to at least one additional person in your school/district to support the Division Representative role. This person has the same capabilities as the Division Representative, except that they cannot assign or remove a division role.
  • If needed, you can deactivate or reactivate a current or past PALS user account.

Step 3: Add student records to your division account.

There are two ways to add students to your PALS account:

  1. by completing a Student Data Upload (SDU), and/or
  2. by entering the students manually​ (sometimes preferable for customers with 30 or fewer students).


  • Follow these instructions on how to complete an SDU.
  • The SDU process will also add teachers, assign classes to them, and put the students into the correct classes.
  • Any PALS user with division or school level access can complete the SDU process for your school.


Step 4: Preset the assessment form for the testing window (optional).

Administrators may choose to preset the form (A or B) for the entire district to make sure all teachers are using the same form.  If you use only PALS-PreK, this is not necessary because it has only one form.

Step 5: The PALS Online System contains basic tutorials that are available to all PALS Base and Premier users. Click on “Tutorials” on the left sidebar in your account to view them.

  • Premier users have access to professional development and courses on the PALS Professional Development site. Sign in using your registration code (found in your welcome email) to begin accessing the information.
  • Teachers can create their own accounts by using the same email address that they use to log into the PALS Online System.

Make sure to review this year’s recommended assessment calendar, found in the Important Information sidebar!