Communication with Staff

  • Remember to share the location of this site ( with teachers and support staff!
  • Let your teachers and support staff know about any PALS professional development opportunities or training requirements that you have established.
  • If your teachers or administrators are not getting our emails, please check with your technology department to ensure that the emails we send are not being blocked by your firewall.  Password reset emails come from “”  Let your faculty know that if they click “Unsubscribe,” they will no longer be able to receive password reset emails.
  • Remember to let your teachers know when they are able to log into the PALS Online System for the new school year so they can begin looking at student score histories and making use of the instructional resources there.  They will be able to log in as soon as an administrator has assigned classes to their accounts for the current school year.
  • Please remind teachers to verify student demographic information before entering scores, and remind special education coordinators to notify teachers of any recent changes to disability status or required accommodations.

Communication with Parents

See our Parent Communication page for links to parent letters and general information about PALS!

Communication with the PALS Team

  • If your district’s email domain or PALS District Representative has changed, please notify our office as soon as possible at, so that we can ensure continued access to email communications and PALS online professional development.