Accessing Your PALS Online Account

Click here to go straight to the PALS Online System login page.

If you already have a PALS Online account, please log in at any time.  If you do not already have a PALS Online account, please follow the steps in the “Important Information” box to the right. If you are a PALS District Representative, your PALS Online account has been set up for you.

Having issues logging in?  Check for…

    • Are you on the correct login page at
    • Do you need to reset your password? Please note that password reset emails arrive from  Users who click “Unsubscribe” on emails from will not longer be able to receive password reset emails.
    • Do you have a PALS Online account? (If not, please contact your school or district administrator to set up an account for you.)
    • Has your account been assigned a class or administrative role for the current school year?
    • Was your email spelled correctly when your account was created? (Administrators can check this through the “Manage Accounts” link on the School Home Page or Division Home Page.)