Accessing Your PALS Online Account

Remember that teachers will need to be assigned a class for the current school year before they can log in.

Just getting started with PALS for the year?

If you already have a PALS Online account, please log in at any time.  If you do not already have a PALS Online account, please follow the steps in the “Important Information” box to the right. If you are a PALS District Representative, your PALS Online account has been set up for you.

Instructions for logging into your PALS Online account

Having issues logging in?  Check for…

    • Do you need to reset your password?
      • Please note that password reset emails arrive from  Users who click “Unsubscribe” on emails from will not longer be able to receive password reset emails.
    • Do you have a PALS Online account?
      • If not, please contact your school or district administrator to set up an account for you.
    • Has your account been assigned a class or administrative role for the current school year?
    • Was your email spelled correctly when your account was created?
      • Administrators can check this through the “Manage Accounts” link on the School Home Page or Division Home Page.
    • Have you tried clearing your browser’s cache/history, or switching to a different browser?
      • This may help if someone was previously logged into a different account on your computer, or if you’re using an outdated version of your browser.
    • Try typing directly into the URL window instead of using a bookmark from last year.
      • Once you’re there, feel free to reset that bookmark!
    • Are you also using another Illuminate Education product, such as IO Insights or eduCLIMBER, with the same email address?
      • Make sure your password is set for the same on both login pages.
    • Has your school or district renewed their student licenses for 2018-19?

If you’ve already tried all of the steps above and are still encountering difficulty logging in, please contact us at or 866-817-0726 x4.  We’ll be happy to help.