Accessing Your PALS Online Account

Remember that teachers will need to be assigned a class for the current school year before they can log in.

Just getting started with PALS for the year?

If you already have a PALS Online account, please log in at any time.  If you do not already have a PALS Online account, please follow the steps in the “Important Information” box to the right. If you are a PALS District Representative, your PALS Online account has been set up for you.

Instructions for logging into your PALS Online account

Having issues logging in?  Check for…

    • Do you need to reset your password?
      • Please note that password reset emails arrive from  Users who click “Unsubscribe” on emails from will not longer be able to receive password reset emails.
    • Do you have a PALS Online account?
      • If not, please contact your school or district administrator to set up an account for you.
    • Has your account been assigned a class or administrative role for the current school year?
    • Was your email spelled correctly when your account was created?
      • Administrators can check this through the “Manage Accounts” link on the School Home Page or Division Home Page.
    • Have you tried clearing your browser’s cache/history, or switching to a different browser?
      • This may help if someone was previously logged into a different account on your computer, or if you’re using an outdated version of your browser.
    • Try typing directly into the URL window instead of using a bookmark from last year.
      • Once you’re there, feel free to reset that bookmark!
    • Are you also using another Illuminate Education product, such as IO Insights or eduCLIMBER, with the same email address?
      • Make sure your password is set for the same on both login pages.
    • Are you seeing a message about Skedula or IO Classroom?
      • Close out all of your internet browsing pages (not just the browsing tabs), open a new internet browsing page, type directly into the URL field, and then retry entering your credentials.
    • Has your school or district renewed their student licenses for the current school year?

If you’ve already tried all of the steps above and are still encountering difficulty logging in, please contact us at or 805-576-7117.  We’ll be happy to help.