Welcome to PALS!

The PALS 2018-19 fall assessment window is currently open for score entry.

Some new features!

  • WHAT NEW FEATURES?   Don’t worry, it’s not a whole new look, just a few improvements!

Haven’t renewed yet for this school year? 

  • See our Ordering or Renewing page about renewal for the 2018-19 school year, or contact our customer support team at support@palshelp.com with any questions you have.
  • New to PALS?  Fill out our Quote Request Form and email to support@palshelp.com to get a price quote for 2018-19.

*You can find additional information about purchasing PALS at  https://ioeducation.com/product/pals/. 

Need to reach us?

You’ll find lots of helpful links and instructions on this site.  If you still need to contact the PALS team directly, however, email us at  support@palshelp.com or call us at 866-817-0726 ext. 6.