Target foundational literacy skills with Phonological Awareness Literacy Screening (PALS).

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The PALS Online System is currently open for mid-year score entry.

The PALS Online System is open for Mid-Year score entry for teachers to track progress in specific literacy skills across the 2021-22 school year.

The 2021-22 school year calendar of recommended assessment and score entry windows can be found here.  The recommended assessment windows are based on those used during the original assessment design and establishment of screening benchmarks.  Administering PALS during these periods increases the validity of screening results.  The online score entry windows extend beyond these windows (before and after) to allow for early set up of class lists, and to accommodate different school year calendars.

  • Most of our customers who alternate from Form A to Form B each year in grades K-8 are using Form A for 2021-22.  However, please confirm with your local PALS district representative the correct form to use for your school or district. Note that for Mid-Year assessment, all districts must use Form C, which can be downloaded from the “Materials” section of your PALS Online account.

PALS data from previous years and assessment windows is available to district and school administrators via downloadable data files and in historical reports on your Reports tile.

Just getting started with PALS for the first time?

  • Visit this page for an overview of PALS uses, implementation, and background.
  • Log into the PALS Online System at 
  • See the calendar link to the right for current window information.
  • If your district uses eduCLIMBER to view whole-child data in a single MTSS platform,  PALS data updates automatically in eduCLIMBER nightly!

Need to reach us?

You’ll find lots of helpful links and instructions on this site.  If you still need to contact the PALS team directly, however, feel free to email us at or call us at 805-576-7117.