The PALS team is here to support you.

PALS Mid-Year score entry window is open.

The PALS Online System is open for the 2020-21 school year!  The 2020-21 score entry windows can be found here.  Administrators may log in at any time to update or add faculty accounts, and to update student records if disability status, score entry method, or class assignments have changed.  This should be done before entering PALS Mid-Year scores.

Update!  New materials to support remote/nonstandard administration of PALS Mid-Year tasks have been added to the PALS Online System.

For teachers who have to administer PALS Mid-Year tasks remotely, we have added support documents and materials to support these efforts.

We have a new phone number!

Please refer to our new 805 number below to replace information in your contacts for the PALS team.  Our previous 866 number will continue to work for a limited time.

Supporting your faculty through the COVID-19 era

As schools and school districts navigate these challenging times in response to COVID-19, our PALS/Illuminate team is on standby for you, as you make decisions regarding how to support families, teachers, and student learning in the coming months.  We offer some options for support on this page.

Just getting started with PALS for the first time?

  • Visit this page for an overview of PALS uses, implementation, and background.
  • Log into the PALS Online System at 
  • See the calendar link to the right for current window information.
  • If your district uses eduCLIMBER to view whole-child data in a single MTSS platform,  PALS data updates automatically in eduCLIMBER nightly!

Need to reach us?

You’ll find lots of helpful links and instructions on this site.  If you still need to contact the PALS team directly, however, feel free to email us at or call us at 805-576-7117.  Please note that this is a new phone number.  Please replace the 866 number you may have for the PALS team in your contacts.