Welcome to PALS!

PALS Spring window is underway!

    • Use the same PALS form (A or B)* that you used in the Fall window to determine your students’ current instructional needs and monitor their progress since the last PALS administration (either Mid-Year or Fall).
    • The recommended window for Spring administration is April 22 to June 7, and the PALS Online System is open for Spring score entry until June 28.
    • Fall and Mid-Year reports continue to be available in the Reports sections.

See the calendar link to the right for the current assessment calendar.

* PALS-PreK does not have two forms; use the same materials that you used for Fall and Mid-Year.

PALS Online System

Interested in PALS? Ready to renew? 

    • See our Ordering or Renewing page to place an order for the 2019-20 school year, or contact our customer support team at support@palshelp.com with any questions.

Need to reach us?

You’ll find lots of helpful links and instructions on this site.  If you still need to contact the PALS team directly, however, email us at  support@palshelp.com or call us at 866-817-0726 ext. 6.